How Obsessed With Books am I Actually?

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you're all doing great and spending time with some wonderful books! Here, at least, we have perfect reading weather โ„๐Ÿต๐Ÿ“š It started snowing again on Easter Monday, and the flakes have been picking up speed ever since. However, instead of nice, beautiful, winter-wonderland snow, we have the disgusting mushy and … Continue reading How Obsessed With Books am I Actually?

Blogger Interview with Naemi!

Hi everyone, happy Sunday!

This is just a quick heads up before I get back to studying for my Russian oral tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰ As you may or may not know, Riddhi over at Whispering Stories has recently been doing a series of blogger interviews, where she talks to different people all around our community every Sunday. Anyway, today I had the great honor of being featured on Riddhi’s blog, so if any of you would like to check that post out and discover a few more things about me that I might not have shared on here yet, you’re more than welcome to!

Also, if you’re not already following her, I would also highly recommend checking out some of Riddhi’s other amazing content. I don’t know how she does it, but she posts such a variety of creative things on Whispering Stories and she even recently started a second blog, poems and poesies, where she posts some of her poetry. Trust me, it’s definitely worth reading!

Anyway, I’d better get back to studying now ๐Ÿ˜… I’ll see you on Friday with my regular post!

Whispering Stories

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the fourth oneโ€™s here!

Today I will be interviewing one of my favourite bloggers- Naemi from A Book Owlโ€™s Corner. I have often talked to Naemi in the comments and we have also talked via emails once or twice! But this interview provides more of an insight to her life, so I am excited! Letโ€™s get started!

Me: So, Naemi, tell me something about yourself.

Naemi: This is already such a difficult question to start off with! I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m actually that interesting, to be honest. Just your regular old math and English student who loves to talk about books in her free time.

But one thing that I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever mentioned on my blog is that I live in thisโ€ฆ

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