Hiatus Haikus

Happy Friday, all!

I am very much afraid

I have little time.


My thesis is hard.

I need to finish it soon…

Which leaves me no choice.


Hiatus it is.

I will be back in three weeks

With a new degree.


At least I hope so!

Sorry I won’t be around,

I will miss you loads!

I know, my poetry skills are terrible 😂  But since I don’t have the time to write a long post at the moment, I thought I’d try to be creative…

I hope you still got the gist of things, and, again, I’m sorry I won’t be around for a while! I know I’ve barely been reading anyone’s posts lately, but it’s definitely not you! Once that thesis is handed in, I will be coming back full-force!!

(Okay, maybe not, since my October wrap-up probably won’t include any books at all 🙈 Unless you’d like to see some math textbooks … 😃 But you know what I mean!)

33 thoughts on “Hiatus Haikus

    • abookowlscorner says:

      Oh boy, yeah, this break is definitely going to be anything but restful 🤣😭🤣But it’s only three more weeks of this, and then I’ll have more free time than I’ve had in years! 🤗

      I’m glad someone agrees on the obvious awesomeness of math textbooks, though 😂 Though we’ll have to see if I can stomach spending even more time with them after the month is over… 😅

      And I’m also glad the haikus are being appreciated! As terrible as I think they are, I am kind of proud of managing to say what I wanted to within that strict syllable structure 🤷‍♀️


    • abookowlscorner says:

      Thanks, Moi! 💕 I’ll do my best not to let the stress get to me 😉 At least it’s only three more weeks, and then, no matter how horrible whatever I hand in turns out to be, I’ll finally have loads of free time! 🤗

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    • SamSahana says:

      Oh, what an amazing way to announce a hiatus! So creative. Came across this post in Riddhi’s Whispering stories blog and I thought it’s a wonderful idea- announcing Hiatus with Haikus! 😀
      Happy Hiatus and all the very best with your academics!

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  1. Line says:

    I’m probably going to miss your posts so terribly that I could see myself getting excited about math textbooks as long as you were the one writing about them 😄 That says a lot, I think. But best of luck with your pesky thesis. You can do it! ❤️

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    • abookowlscorner says:

      Aww, thanks Line, that really means a lot! ❤ I don’t think many people would willingly listen to me talk about math textbooks, let alone get excited at the prospect of hearing about them… But, if it makes you feel slightly relieved, I think I’ll probably be so sick and tired of those books by the end of the month that I might have to find something more interesting to talk about 😂 Such as Oathbringer, the rest of which I will hopefully be able to binge-read on November 4th 🤗 Or all those long post ideas that have been piling up in my drafts folder…
      And don’t worry – no matter how horrible this thesis situation gets, I’d miss your posts way too much to not be able to spare a few minutes a day to read them! So you can still expect a few monster comments coming your way to make up for the lack of posts on my own blog 😁

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      • Line says:

        I am slightly relieved to hear that 😅 I’d much rather read your thoughts on Oathbringer than your math textbooks. And I’m glad I still have your monster comments to look forward to 🤗

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  2. Nefeli says:

    I’m ten days late, but good luck with your thesis! ❤
    You got this!
    And I’m sure you’ll make even math text books interesting if you decide to write about them 😉
    Take care of yourself ❤

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    • abookowlscorner says:

      Thanks, Nefeli! I’ll try my best to avoid having a complete mental breakdown in the next seven days 😂 Though, at least by now, I have something that I could hand in, even if I’m not completely happy with its current state… I’m glad you all seem to believe in me, though! ❤

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