What I (Didn’t) Read in January 2019

Well, this year is already off to a great reading start because, in January, I read absolutely nothing.

Okay, I guess that’s not true either. I did read around five thousand pages of psychology. My exam is on February 12th, so I’m now in my final phase of studying and a bit panicky. The summary I have to memorize has 600 pages and at the moment, I know about 400 of them by heart, although I’m already forgetting what I learned at the very beginning… It’s awful.

And then I have a bunch of other psychology books I’m using for background reading. None of them are particularly exciting, but I might as well share them with you since I didn’t read anything else this month (Unless you count listening to Harry Potter audiobooks in the car to destress – I did make it through Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, but since I never count rereads in my wrap-ups, I feel like doing that now just to make it look like I read something would be cheating…). To give you the gist of it, here are the books I’m using to study *shudders*:

I know… Really exciting, right? But this is my excuse for the sucky reading month I’ve been having. I hope yours was better than mine!

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